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Wednesday, 31 December 2014


A Grownup's refusal
to grow up,
a betrayal ? 

She was a fetus inside a bottle 
bottle which broke,
A new life embraced her
Miss Sad , she was.

Every night,
shadows move tight.
Thick skinned whores,
maybe, your lover for the night .
If you have earned peace
YOU will be asleep through the night

Being proud can be a hoax.
So, are you proud ?

I smoked grass with the rats
Rat's took piss at me
I just hallucinated.
As time passed,
they frowned.
clowns with crowns.

She says,
being young , It's funny
Delighted , I enquired 
Being old ?
She just winked.
She, " She sells sea shells at the seashore
and I live at the mainlands. 


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