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Saturday, 23 April 2011


I have to admit a thing,that lately in life i have seen many relations.
P.S - here in the above lines i was not talking about my relations .I can also show you a funny example.

Boy-o(A friend of mine)...let's call him by the name "O" the only reason i am not writing his original name because i have not taken his permission for this also i was sure that if i had told him about this he would had refused this and possibly  it was a enough reason to end our relationship(friendship).

Girl-a(Also a friend of mine)...let's call her by the name "A" The only reason i am not disclosing her real name cause i know she must be reading this and who knows how mad she will be at me after reading this,so the only option is not disclosing her name.

Okay let's start the story.
"O" loves "A'

"A" also loves "O"

but there's a little problem "both don't want to accept this fact".

So i can't see my friend in misery anymore an decided to interfere.

so all you guys can call me Mr.cupid(or anything you like ex-blah,blah,blah.)

all i did was encouraged him to tell his feelings to her.

At first "i failed" but gradually there was some 'hope".

at-last , i convinced him for this work.

bit,like all those this one also has a "twist"..!!!

she said y-e-s to someone else(this guy is a total loser), just  few days ago.
and she is leaving the town for 1 year or so.
Now she is back in the town but the relation is over...!!!!

                 LEAF- i am a leaf,swinging in the air.
                  AIR-    i am the air,that you can't see  
                              all you can do is to feel me.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

LIFE AS......... nobody/somebody

           Everyone says to "Mr.Nobody",
           Why didn't he listened to "Mr.Messengr",
           He should have listned to those precious words of advice.
           I am standing underneath the empty sky,
           Playing a game called"lunacy",
           While my mind is still deeply doped in sorrows of pride,
           Dreaming a last dream on the verge of all the broken dreams.

            If,Mr.Nobody had listened to my words he could have been Mr.Somebody,
            I just tried to show him the path,so he can walk in his own shoes,
            But as the sunrays fades away,the dark falls and maks the mind numb,
            You know you should have listned to me and we could have been            
             together....p.s Mr.Messenger

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