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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

shattered dreams

                                                       SHATTERED  DREAMS

Someone's whispering,
And i can hear it clearly,
oh! he is saying a story 'untold'
of a unfortunate guy,
and his dreams.

He is alone in the pouring rain,
And he is crying in pain,
As i pretend,
Is it the teardrops,
as i pretend .

Or this mind of his,is
Is  playing games,
With the weakest ,
contestant called heart,
he is alive but not alive.

He is swallowing his sorrows,
And pretending its sweet as sugar,
He looks at the broken glass,
And cries out loud remembering,
His shattered dreams buried deep inside.

He stares at the sky(at night)
and remembers the promises,
He made to someone,
He again breaks into tears ,
Remembering his dreams ...
His"shattered DREAMS"


Wednesday, 25 August 2010


                                  He is lonely,
                                  He is helpless,
                                  He is a loser
                                  a '' LOSER LOVER"
                                  He allways falls in love,
                                  But never rises in love,
                                  He is destroyed in love,
                                  He is a" loser" in love. 
                                  a " LOSER LOVER"
                                  He is in search of true love,
                                  He can die for love,
                                  He is allways betrayed in love,
                                  That makes him a" LOSER" in love
                                   a " LOSER LOVER" 
                                  But someday,
                                  He meets somebody,
                                  And his heart says,
                                  She's the one,so he,
                                  Finds true love,
                                  He is not a loser lover... 
                                     a loser lover...