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Thursday, 7 July 2011


In my opinion most of  the "teens" have some experience with the alcohol  by the age of "17" (under-age drinking).
   This guys are labbeled as perverts and boozers by old
   phys-cos .But i say what the difference does it makes if a 
   person(who is above 18) is  capable of handling it .But this doesn't
   mean's i am supporting anything evil ( i am totally against 
    drunken driving and brawls ).All i want to say is our society is
   headed by-
   past-generation "phys-cos" and they think it's not our culture to
   drink liquor(alcohol) which i think is a "rubbish thought" and if 
   you are opposing their views then they just label you as a 
   "traitor"(i.e traitor of the society).

What's wrong in drinking alcohol if a guy is able to handle it ?
What's wrong in drinking alcohol if a girl is able to handle it ?

p.s- I don't support underage drinking however once i was also a underage drinker and i regret it.the point i am trying to make is if "18yrs" is the legal to join army,civil services or caste vote .So,
why does the society  thinks we are still "amateur" when it comes to alcohol??why??.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


It is easier to see dreams,than to living it,
It is easier "being hated",than to be loved ,
Someone's living each day of life in same misery,
But why hell you will think about it?why??

Someone wants to shout out loud,but he has forgotten to scream ,
He needs some help ,but you are still dreaming of purple rain and butterflies.
oh!yeah He knew you will not come for rescue when he was in pain,
Because you can't See any gain.

Now when the pain is dead,he wants to show his strength,
And you will,"wake up" from the long dream and put the blame on others.
But he is no-more a underdog who can be deprived,
So,now its you who will say"i wanna die".