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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Open Letter.

Dear Beloved,
It’s been two hibernating season since I left wandering and enjoyed brief moments of excitement which soon faded into a never ending solace. As yet one more time the hibernation period approaches thus somehow nostalgia and nausea both grabs me .You know, they make me do strange and somewhat embarrassing things. Just like the trees which shed their leaves in bitter cold becomes bare but still remains alive I too became bare and experienced misery but remained alive. When the period was over I got busy to find a new skin for me but by the time I completed my search and returned I was told that you also went into hibernation as a remedy. I soon realised that you took a new skin and later it was confirmed by a mysterious whisper which said now you go by a new identity, Venus. It made me leap into a state of shock which resulted into madness and melancholy.

Pardon me for the manner I use to make you aware. Just so you know I hold no bitterness or any sense of prejudiced anger towards you. But being alone and being lonely are two different things. I hate seasons, each and every. When first spring came I started to explore, carrying thoughts of you in the back of my mind. But my paths were mocked by disappointments and illusions. Like a human who goes into hiding when he can’t feel the land beneath his feet’s, I went into hibernation one more time. I returned taking an escape route; this path was not my first preference but somehow at first reluctantly went on. As I found some hope as some creatures expressed to me how smitten they were upon you. I thought I was following the right path till I realised that you will defy any and every attachment. It made me scared and my conscience was shaking mildly. You know, I don’t appreciate gloom but I think it does appreciate me. I am writing mostly about myself but believe me I am very curious to reach you.

I think your identity is acting like a camouflage. Sometimes I wonder as Venus will you be seen someday blossoming during some spring morning. Or as Venus, do you have various forms! But, I blindly believe that every Woman have that ability including you. Did I ever tell you about my secret fetish of smelling your hair in full spirits? Or did I ever talked to you about this girl with incredibly chubby cheeks, she’s an interesting human but sometimes she blabbers about all-sort of topics with a child like curiosity.

As I will start hibernating again, I promise you like a traveller who is very ambitious. I will not let the time collapse..

                                                                                         A trustworthy traveler.