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Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Moving to a new city,soon.I Don't have any idea how it will be.
Only hoping that i will be able to catch up with the pace this city moves.Felling little bit of scared(after a long time),thinking about the worst things that can happen with me there.Seriously i am gonna miss
my hometown.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

my playlist- " Blackout by Linkin park ".

blackout is from linkin park's 2010 album"A Thousand Suns".The song is about destruction of mankind by own hands.This track is slightly different from other"lp" tracks.

     "my fav lines."

 you said it's not,what it seems 

no remorse for the trust you're breaking,

you run,but then you fall back,

suffocate from the mess you making.




Tuesday, 2 August 2011


The song "i hate everything about you" is from Canadian rock-band
Three days grace.The song's specialty is it's lyrical content and
guitar riffs.Believe me if you ever feel like "fucked up".
listen to it and you will realize what it says.The song is about 
love- hate relationship among different individuals,trapped in different circumstances
         "think about your own love-hate relations,
                 you will enjoy it more".

Monday, 1 August 2011


It seems clean,but i don't a clean life.
The other one seems ugly,oh!then it must be right .

If you want to make a choice and still,
waiting for the right time to come.
Then i feel sad for you cause the time has past away and,
now it's "Dawn".

Pick up all your "happy memories" and "innocent thoughts",
because the devil has already won.
There ain't no room to hide the pain,
I can see your tears falling and hopes dying.

Close your eyes,the devil is coming...!!!
And,close your dreams of a "new beginning".
SSshhh!!! the devil has arrived.


I wanna erase each and every single memory,
Buried "deep inside" this mind.

Don't you see bitch i don't have anything more to loose,
I don't want to see your slutty face,you don't excite me anymore,
You want us to "stick together",but i am not falling in any tricks of yours.

Yes i am "CRAZY" and "i love wasting my time".
I don't mind if you make joke of me,
but you don't see the "real face of me".