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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Smells like Love....

                                           My heart wants to "FEEL" the feeling again,
                                            It's a shame as ignore it this time,
                                           All you "FEELS SO GOOD" feeling go away ,
                                            I don't want to feel it ever again.

                                          When i look at the mirror,
                                          It shows a face that don't like his secrets to be revealed.
                                          They say "LIFE GOES ON", no matter what it takes,
                                          But the thing i need to make it happen "FADED" long ago.

                                            A friend said it's time for a new beginning,
                                            Another said it's just "INFATUATION",
                                           But i think it's smells something like "LOVE"...!!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

MY PLAYLIST- Smells Like Teen Spirit

I decided to share this song because:-
1.within few month's i will be no more a teenager.(sobs)
2.I am a"Kurt Donald Cobain"fan.

3.Guitar solo.
4.It felt like i can relate to it (*the teen thing*).

In my opinion it's one of  the greatest rock song ever created.Every line describes the nature of a teenager .

                  most awesome lines:-"And I forget just why I taste
                                        Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile
                                        I found it hard, it was hard to find
                                        Oh well, whatever, nevermind."

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Alive,But broken...!!

Now,the time for goodbye has come,
As memories faded away.
I can't deny as a riot uprising in my mind,
Makes me feel insane.

No-one wasted their precious tears,
Only face with tears running down cheeks was of mine.
Nobody cared as animals can only make you cry,
Can't wipe them.

Those days when i was smiling,
the whole crowd was smiling with me.
But,not a single "sigh" when i was in tears.

Now, thinking about the lesson i learned,

only one regret .
Like all those other million people i learned it too late.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Moving to a new city,soon.I Don't have any idea how it will be.
Only hoping that i will be able to catch up with the pace this city moves.Felling little bit of scared(after a long time),thinking about the worst things that can happen with me there.Seriously i am gonna miss
my hometown.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

my playlist- " Blackout by Linkin park ".

blackout is from linkin park's 2010 album"A Thousand Suns".The song is about destruction of mankind by own hands.This track is slightly different from other"lp" tracks.

     "my fav lines."

 you said it's not,what it seems 

no remorse for the trust you're breaking,

you run,but then you fall back,

suffocate from the mess you making.




Tuesday, 2 August 2011


The song "i hate everything about you" is from Canadian rock-band
Three days grace.The song's specialty is it's lyrical content and
guitar riffs.Believe me if you ever feel like "fucked up".
listen to it and you will realize what it says.The song is about 
love- hate relationship among different individuals,trapped in different circumstances
         "think about your own love-hate relations,
                 you will enjoy it more".

Monday, 1 August 2011


It seems clean,but i don't a clean life.
The other one seems ugly,oh!then it must be right .

If you want to make a choice and still,
waiting for the right time to come.
Then i feel sad for you cause the time has past away and,
now it's "Dawn".

Pick up all your "happy memories" and "innocent thoughts",
because the devil has already won.
There ain't no room to hide the pain,
I can see your tears falling and hopes dying.

Close your eyes,the devil is coming...!!!
And,close your dreams of a "new beginning".
SSshhh!!! the devil has arrived.


I wanna erase each and every single memory,
Buried "deep inside" this mind.

Don't you see bitch i don't have anything more to loose,
I don't want to see your slutty face,you don't excite me anymore,
You want us to "stick together",but i am not falling in any tricks of yours.

Yes i am "CRAZY" and "i love wasting my time".
I don't mind if you make joke of me,
but you don't see the "real face of me".

Thursday, 7 July 2011


In my opinion most of  the "teens" have some experience with the alcohol  by the age of "17" (under-age drinking).
   This guys are labbeled as perverts and boozers by old
   phys-cos .But i say what the difference does it makes if a 
   person(who is above 18) is  capable of handling it .But this doesn't
   mean's i am supporting anything evil ( i am totally against 
    drunken driving and brawls ).All i want to say is our society is
   headed by-
   past-generation "phys-cos" and they think it's not our culture to
   drink liquor(alcohol) which i think is a "rubbish thought" and if 
   you are opposing their views then they just label you as a 
   "traitor"(i.e traitor of the society).

What's wrong in drinking alcohol if a guy is able to handle it ?
What's wrong in drinking alcohol if a girl is able to handle it ?

p.s- I don't support underage drinking however once i was also a underage drinker and i regret it.the point i am trying to make is if "18yrs" is the legal to join army,civil services or caste vote .So,
why does the society  thinks we are still "amateur" when it comes to alcohol??why??.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


It is easier to see dreams,than to living it,
It is easier "being hated",than to be loved ,
Someone's living each day of life in same misery,
But why hell you will think about it?why??

Someone wants to shout out loud,but he has forgotten to scream ,
He needs some help ,but you are still dreaming of purple rain and butterflies.
oh!yeah He knew you will not come for rescue when he was in pain,
Because you can't See any gain.

Now when the pain is dead,he wants to show his strength,
And you will,"wake up" from the long dream and put the blame on others.
But he is no-more a underdog who can be deprived,
So,now its you who will say"i wanna die".

Friday, 17 June 2011


You know it's too late,to save the emotions between me and you,
It must have been because all your feelings has turned into ash,
It felt like something crushed that"little heart" of mine,
But there no pill to take,so that red thing is flowing .

That night i tried to sleep,
But tears were streaming down my cheeks,
The next morning i tried to smile,
But forgot how my smile used to be.

It was so little a thing for which i begged to you,
But you didn't valued my emotions,
so,now i am walking all alone,
To a road never taken before,
Hard as hell and frozen as snow,
And without you i didn't know which direction now to go.

Saturday, 23 April 2011


I have to admit a thing,that lately in life i have seen many relations.
P.S - here in the above lines i was not talking about my relations .I can also show you a funny example.

Boy-o(A friend of mine)...let's call him by the name "O" the only reason i am not writing his original name because i have not taken his permission for this also i was sure that if i had told him about this he would had refused this and possibly  it was a enough reason to end our relationship(friendship).

Girl-a(Also a friend of mine)...let's call her by the name "A" The only reason i am not disclosing her real name cause i know she must be reading this and who knows how mad she will be at me after reading this,so the only option is not disclosing her name.

Okay let's start the story.
"O" loves "A'

"A" also loves "O"

but there's a little problem "both don't want to accept this fact".

So i can't see my friend in misery anymore an decided to interfere.

so all you guys can call me Mr.cupid(or anything you like ex-blah,blah,blah.)

all i did was encouraged him to tell his feelings to her.

At first "i failed" but gradually there was some 'hope".

at-last , i convinced him for this work.

bit,like all those this one also has a "twist"..!!!

she said y-e-s to someone else(this guy is a total loser), just  few days ago.
and she is leaving the town for 1 year or so.
Now she is back in the town but the relation is over...!!!!

                 LEAF- i am a leaf,swinging in the air.
                  AIR-    i am the air,that you can't see  
                              all you can do is to feel me.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

LIFE AS......... nobody/somebody

           Everyone says to "Mr.Nobody",
           Why didn't he listened to "Mr.Messengr",
           He should have listned to those precious words of advice.
           I am standing underneath the empty sky,
           Playing a game called"lunacy",
           While my mind is still deeply doped in sorrows of pride,
           Dreaming a last dream on the verge of all the broken dreams.

            If,Mr.Nobody had listened to my words he could have been Mr.Somebody,
            I just tried to show him the path,so he can walk in his own shoes,
            But as the sunrays fades away,the dark falls and maks the mind numb,
            You know you should have listned to me and we could have been            
             together....p.s Mr.Messenger

Based on he prompt given by