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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A bitter tale of LOVE.

An uncanny fairy tale .
there was a belle
But,there was no prince
Just a traveller with a decaying heart.

No palaces,
No enchanted forests,
Just a dimly lit square room
With single occupancy
He owned.

A belle .
That Goddess of  eternal charm
Her Unpleasent mind and unkind heart
Beneath her glowing white skin
Was a beast.

A creature who wanted to create inhuman filthiness
An imposter who talked of deprived love
Lurid dreamer,captivating worn out souls.

That traveller
An escapist with twisted destiny.
A passive insomniac .
Those ditched Goodbyes
Somehow, a whole world lies about his deception.

One sudden uncertain moment
they got mesmerized
But it was too good to believe
But they continued,
Juxtaposing each others dreams,Everytime.
But time defeated them.

That traveller went into uncertain solitude
Belle, now feeling like a fool.
Her Vanquished dreams.
The beast got unleashed ,
Belle was the beast.