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Friday, 6 April 2012

MY playlist - Frank Ocean's "American Wedding"

Reasons for sharing:
1. It's an remake of hotel California.
2. A tragic love long.                                    
3. Frank's definition of love and lust.
4. A much dark story hidden inside the song.

                                           Frank Ocean - 'American Wedding'

Frank Ocean uses the song to criticize american marriages.He defines his own marriage as an imperfect and foolish.He even put's question upon certain religion's and the practice of choosing virgin bride.In the song he explains he is divorced and lonely and tells his whole back-story as a flashback.
           My favorite lines :
            It's just an american wedding
            They don't mean too much
            They don't last enough
            We had an american wedding
            Now what's mine is your's. 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Another Story of Us and Them

Now, It's seven month's since it's beginning,
But he is still  searching for the right words to say,
It's seven month's since she is alone,
Now she is afraid to close her eyes and dream again.

He expected wonders,
He expected a miracle,
He slowly got addicted to certain kind of uncertainty,
To take the right decision he made all the wrong choices.

She acted numb holding tightly her feminist beliefs,
She acted dumb to make herself  believe love's a weaker emotion.
She slowly made all her dreams nightmarish.


                  These days,they both pretend walking the same road,
                                    They pretend,Just pretend.