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Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Run as far as you can,
But never turn back,
To the road you left long ago,
Cause it's not safe for you anymore.

Now if you are feeling like,you are standing at the crossroads,
And don't know how to make the right choice,
As your mind and body are becoming numb,
And desperate ideas are shadowing your thoughts.

Can't you see the fire burning in the skies,
Can't you feel the notion in your veins,
And now you are sheding your tears,
But it's rule of life,
Now,your'e losing what you didn't deserved.

You have digged your grave with your own hands,
And don't apologize now,
Cause after all the sins you have done,
you are getting what you deserved,
It's what you deserved.

Monday, 11 October 2010


                                                    The taste of her breath ,
                                                    still lingering in my lips,
                                                    and i know i will never get over.

                                                    I just wanted to make it better
                                                    but she wont listen,
                                                    now my mind is going through circles ,
                                                    trying to figure out why all this happening to me.

                                                    She pulls the deepest secrets from my heart ,
                                                    but her tears wont fall cause her love is cold ,
                                                    and i know its all over tonight ,
                                                    but i wanted a single chance to "make it right" .

                                                    Now i am all alone,
                                                    trying to figure out what went wrong ,
                                                    but all i know is,
                                                    p.s "I STILL WANT YOU BY MY SIDE" .

Saturday, 9 October 2010


                                                                 SWEET SORROWS           
Its all part of life but,
something seems to be missing,
is it the heartbreak affair or,
the pain flowing in my veins,
rushing into my brains and playing dirty games.

I am alive but i am not alive,
its an emergency and no  pill can save me,
someone please brainwash me i want to loose my memory,
its feels like i have been crucified,
but someone is still not satisfied.

I am searching for a place to hide,
but my mind is still bleeding with pride,
i just wanna tell you something,
my enemy knows the cure,
but i am my own enemy,
i am my worst enemy.