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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A bitter tale of LOVE.

An uncanny fairy tale .
there was a belle
But,there was no prince
Just a traveller with a decaying heart.

No palaces,
No enchanted forests,
Just a dimly lit square room
With single occupancy
He owned.

A belle .
That Goddess of  eternal charm
Her Unpleasent mind and unkind heart
Beneath her glowing white skin
Was a beast.

A creature who wanted to create inhuman filthiness
An imposter who talked of deprived love
Lurid dreamer,captivating worn out souls.

That traveller
An escapist with twisted destiny.
A passive insomniac .
Those ditched Goodbyes
Somehow, a whole world lies about his deception.

One sudden uncertain moment
they got mesmerized
But it was too good to believe
But they continued,
Juxtaposing each others dreams,Everytime.
But time defeated them.

That traveller went into uncertain solitude
Belle, now feeling like a fool.
Her Vanquished dreams.
The beast got unleashed ,
Belle was the beast.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Symphony Of Chaos

Let that human scream in anger
Let him pick all the remote emotions ,
He kept hidden in some unworthy corner,
Somehow,all notions getting too heavy to hold .

His isolated mind is near it's demise
Leaving behind absolute horizonless behaviour.
But,now he lusts for life
A life which got "deprived".

These days even the devil wears white
The scent of blue orchid,silently fading
This human,wants to create a moment.
A moment that will consume all the gloom
When whole sky will be burning in a mutual hatred induced gaze.

Saturday, 12 May 2012


There's no escape..
I speak the truth,or i just
don't speak..
I  fade to solitude,
desolation and silence
the only comforts in this
world of lies
but in the silence there is a
darkness and it swallows me whole 
leaving me hollow and numb.
But this numbness is
becoming a welcome
feeling to the abuse and 
pain of those that
fake their feelings...
They say they care... they
care enough to spit in my tear stained face and tell
 me to fuck off ,they care enough to slap me when I
truth to them...honesty to all their lies...

Your love is the only thing that 
sustains me against 
these torments.

I suffered and died...
She died in my arms,her
blood trickling slowly in the
gapes in the white tiles
finding the only true
She took her last breath 
while gazing at mine.
 She left me  here to fight
this fight...and it is not a
fight i wish to fight alone...
Bunt she died and i lived
against all odds...

We should have died

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Down memory lane.

Monochromatic sunlight,
Gazed along the path above and down,
Black cloudy sky playing mischievous games.
I said to myself nothing numbs the pain anymore.Why?

Sometimes i can see grey structures,
Rusty iron doors, how to escape?
That old man says, "i am lonely and depressed".

Now every, thought of mine a weird imagination.
At night that nightmare again paid a visit,
My  fears are such a stronger emotion.
But i don't know, what they feed upon to keep themselves alive.

Somehow, i can still breathe,
But, the air is inferior,almost renegaded.
So, i suffocate sometimes.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Suppress the emotions,act numb.

Above the fussy reality,
I still dream and dream.
Dreaming about this bittersweet love,
My mind ignites sacred intentions.

I left out what i needed to change.
They say i act like i Am "running out of time",
But i Am just playing my role, i won't share my secret.
In this mist of reality i am a "slave to my thought's".

My thought's, almost unidirectional,
My thought's, eyes wide shut,
My thought's, much for the pain,
My thought's, pity beautiful.   

Friday, 6 April 2012

MY playlist - Frank Ocean's "American Wedding"

Reasons for sharing:
1. It's an remake of hotel California.
2. A tragic love long.                                    
3. Frank's definition of love and lust.
4. A much dark story hidden inside the song.

                                           Frank Ocean - 'American Wedding'

Frank Ocean uses the song to criticize american marriages.He defines his own marriage as an imperfect and foolish.He even put's question upon certain religion's and the practice of choosing virgin bride.In the song he explains he is divorced and lonely and tells his whole back-story as a flashback.
           My favorite lines :
            It's just an american wedding
            They don't mean too much
            They don't last enough
            We had an american wedding
            Now what's mine is your's. 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Another Story of Us and Them

Now, It's seven month's since it's beginning,
But he is still  searching for the right words to say,
It's seven month's since she is alone,
Now she is afraid to close her eyes and dream again.

He expected wonders,
He expected a miracle,
He slowly got addicted to certain kind of uncertainty,
To take the right decision he made all the wrong choices.

She acted numb holding tightly her feminist beliefs,
She acted dumb to make herself  believe love's a weaker emotion.
She slowly made all her dreams nightmarish.


                  These days,they both pretend walking the same road,
                                    They pretend,Just pretend.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Under The Fading Lights

I know her hiding place,
But i want to know where she resides.
I know these days are gloomy,
But i didn't lost my pride.

Pour some cold water upon the burn,
Chased the sun rays,chased the eyes.
Stared at the beauty of the moon,
Stared at the beauty of her smile.

She might call me a stranger,
But that's not alright. 
She might call me a stalker,
But that's not alright.

Some of them say's " I am shy",
But i think i have a fear that makes me cry.